The art studio is a place where the school community is invited to make meaning together. The studio brings value to art and social constructivism by creating space for the APS community to express itself, gather itself, and reflect on itself. The studio inspires beauty, imagination, exploration, and creativity. It weaves together memories, sensory experiences, and the material world into a tapestry that is unique to this community. All the pieces spiral in, what is created spirals back out.

Photo courtesy of Ruth Bosco.


The APS garden provides children with a variety of hands on experiences that help them get to know the natural world. Bug hunting (snails, worms, rolly pollys abound) is an often requested activity as well as tasting edible plants and picking flowers for family. We are able to scaffold the activities for older children by adding elements of plant care, science and ecology. It is a growing, wild place that allows children to get dirty and closer to nature.


Our Spanish program is offered once a week for 30 minutes to toddlers through preschool on Wednesday mornings and two hours of mixed age Spanish integrated into the afternoon preschool program. Spanish curriculum is to encourage respect for those learning Spanish as a second language, to support and foster positive self-esteem with native Spanish speaking children. Children learn about the many countries around the world whose primary language is Spanish, and that the cultures are very distinct from each other. Many skills are enhanced with multiple language speakers, such as, problem solving, multitasking, and an open mind. Through Spanish learning children become Global Citizens, participating in learning languages as a means of social development, and creating comfortable communication with people from around the world.

Afternoon Program

APS has a mixed age afternoon program. We believe that a mixed age experience offers children an opportunity to care for, teach and learn from one another. Children get their hands dirty in the garden, participate in activities using natural materials, work on large scale projects, get active in gross motor play and spend time in an open, outdoor classroom.


We have enrichment classes embedded in our afternoon program. APS teachers bring their skills and passions to share with the children in these small group experiences. The cost is $90 for a nine week session, and we have three sessions over the course of the year. There have been a wide range of classes over the years; some common ones are circus, capoeira, dance, theater and yoga!

Parents Night Out

Better known as "PNO," this is an exciting opportunity for the children of the APS community to come together for fun, food, and movies. It also gives parents an opportunity for that much needed grown up time. A handful of teachers volunteer their time once a month after school hours to provide child care in this fun setting. PNO happens on the third Friday of every month from 6-11 pm for a fee of $40 a child or $60 for two children.

Parent Education

This is an opportunity for parents and teachers to come together and discuss child rearing issues such as, sleep, toilet training and/or setting limits to name a few. We meet every other month offering support, dialogue and discussions in a safe and caring environment. It is free to the community.