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Welcome to Aquatic Park School...
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We have been serving children and families for over 20 years. Our goal is simple: to partner in raising confident and joyful learners. We believe that this happens most successfully when there is collaboration between parents, teachers, and the larger community. It is why we honor each family as unique and valuable members of the APS family. It is why we are committed to seeking solutions collectively as a community. It is why we attach such importance to parents’ input, and respect and encourage open communication between parents and educators.

Our mission:

Is to provide the highest quality Early Childhood Education for the children in our care in a safe, loving, respectful environment so children can freely explore their world. We believe that children learn through play and in relationship. We learn from our inquiries and explorations; from our mistakes and the problems we encounter; from each other and the different perspectives we each bring. Learning happens in relationships, community and with JOY and LOVE.

Community and Social Justice

We are committed to a diverse school population. We are diverse ethnically and culturally with many different family structures; from different socioeconomic experiences and backgrounds and with a commitment to LGBTQ teachers, families and children - each person and family bringing a unique and valued presence to our community.

At APS we do everything we can to represent the colorfulness of the Bay Area and we are committed to our school community reflecting the beauty of our differences and the strength of our alliances to each other.


We are committed to the professional development of APS teachers, teachers in the community, and students of early childhood education. Our mission is to continue to grow and evolve in the field of Early Childhood Education. We are committed to the growth and development of our school as a place of research, as a community of learners, and as developing future global citizens.




Annual Fundraiser - Brunch in the Piazza

TBA - Coming in May 2014


Open Houses

February 22, 2014 11am - 1pm Saturday

October 18, 2014   11am - 1pm Saturday

Children are welcome!


Current Enrollment Openings for January 2014

We have 1 space in our Bridge Year group for a child with a birthdate between 9/2008 and 6/2009.  Please contact Anne at with inquiries.